[HK FOODIE] Jade Garden Hong Kong

This place was just what we needed. Tasty food, reasonable prices and friendly staffs. Definitely this’s a must go place for those who love Chinese food. – Jade Garden
Our dinner set menu for 6
– Crispy barbecued suckling piglet and marinated jellyfish
– Braised pig’s tongue, dried oyster and black moss
– Deep-fried shrimp balls
– Sautéed scallops and shrimp with assorted pepper
– Braised bird’s nest soup with fish maw and bamboo pith
– Braised whole abalone with mushrooms in oyster sauce
– Steamed Sabah garoupa
– Roasted chicken in garlic flavor
– Fried glutinous rice with preserved sausages and meat
– Sweetened red bean soup with glutinous dumplings
– Chinese petit four