1. GENTLE CRÈME CLEANSER [w Kangaroo Apple & Pomegranate] 90ml
RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I have dry and sensitive skin. I really like this cleanser. It cleans my face gently and it doesn’t really lather much but goes on smooth. If you are looking for a gentle, more natural facial cleanser, I would recommend this one.
2. HEALING FACIAL MASQUE [w Australian Black Clay & Arnica] 60g
RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: Amazing makes the skin soft, smooth and silky. Especially good for sensitive skin because it hydrates, soothes inflammation and reduces redness.
3. ANTIOXIDANT CONCENTRATE [w Illawarra Flame Tree & Native BlackBerry] 30ml
RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: Great texture and really moisturizing. Perfect for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. It actually feels very soothing on my dry and sensitive skin. I do not find it greasy at all.
4. EYE RESCUE SERUM [w Muntries & Quandong] 30ml
RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I love this eye serum for the moisturizing qualities and it doesn’t cause any irritations. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to moisturize the eye area bags and puffiness or smoothes wrinkles and neutralizes dark discolorations.
5. CRÈME MOISTURE INFUSION [w Mountain Pepper Berry & Gubinge] 45ml
RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I do like the natural ingredients in this product and absolutely will continue to use it. I have been using this one for a month and it works really well. It’s lightweight without greasy when I apply it. It’s also very gentle on my dry and sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
[1-5] 💡DETAILS: All products are formulated using natural, organic and Australian ingredients. Free from: parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petroleum products, mineral oil, animal by-products, animal testing. Cruelty free. Vegan. Sustainable.
Disclaimer: I received these products for free in return for providing my honest and unbiased review. Please note that what may work for me, may not work for anyone else. Results may vary from person to person, so please take this into consideration if you decide to try those products.
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