[In my thoughts] Love, there is no distance, only a matter of time concept.

In love, I still prefer the natural interaction between two people. We don’t need to pursue each other. If there is a tacit understanding, we will naturally go closer.
My concept of love is different from the past. When I was in a girlhood, I would think about how to engage in romance and how to surprise my boyfriend every day. At that time, there was not so much pressure in life. When I grow up, I have to sprint in my own business, and I must have enough money to back up my life. Therefore, the partner I need now can tolerate my work. He must understand me and love the real me far better than the outer beauty. You must truly believe this is a part of me and you like it because you like me all through, whether viruses or vices. We must support and sacrifice each other together. I think, giving and understanding are both important in maintaining a good relationship.
I have been influenced by Western culture since I was a child. I don’t care about appearance. I feel that self-confidence and wisdom are the most attractive personality traits. The wise man is the most attractive. I have passed the age of purely only love handsome boys. I hope that he has his own unique style and personal charm. He can live independently, filial family, have his own life, and enjoy outdoor sports like me. There are no special thoughts or restrictions on appearance, because each of my boyfriends is totally different, but I am most afraid of encountering a man who is very unnatural, self-proclaimed, hypocritical and no gentleman’s demeanor.
I feel that I am a very considerate girlfriend. When I get along with problems, I always hope to solve the misunderstanding by means of communication. I don’t want the two to conflict and hurt in the first time. To understand the other’s perspective, take a step back and see why the other person is angry, and then come the two people’s calm communication. Boys or girls must understand the aesthetics of “forbearance”, take a step back, then take a step back, and finally calmly think. However, even if I am always rational, I have unacceptable points emotionally. What I fear most is deception. No matter men or women, whether it is friendship or love, I can’t accept lying. I would rather tell the truth directly, even if it would hurt me, are better.
Growing up in a happy family, I grew up watching my parents’ happy marriage grow up. For me, maintaining a long term relationship is not a myth and a true love is not a dream, but a stable life with a solid and lasting love. In a long term relationship, I hope that both parties are loyal to love. Two people have to spend time together to understand each other. After experiencing some things, conflicts and time, we will know how to face the problem and how to communicate with each other.
I still believe in love, and I think it should be natural. If you meet the right person, you will know it yourself. Now, I hope that I can find a person who is willing to work hard with me, understand my work and accept all of it, and this will be the happiest.

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