Everyone has a different 2018, among which there are happy, sad or something unwilling to give up, etc. These experiences can help us build a better 2019.
In 2018, my blog moved out from WordPress.com and I officially the announced setting up of the new website and had a brand new start. [https://kakalovekakalovelife.com]
In addition, with the accumulation of product reviews shared by social platforms, the brand collaborations I received have also grown in direct and positive proportion. The most happy thing is that I can collaborate with YESSTYLE this year! I often say that our life is full of advertisements and propaganda. It’s just that the cooperation text is not shameful. What is negotiable is that we are picking up for what and why. When you look at the number of cooperation articles I have written, I know that I am not just talking about it. This year, I chose the brand that I like very much.
I often say that I am willful, I insist, I am doing my own words, being responsible for the words I wrote, for the readers who read my words, I hope to cooperate with more brands I like this year. Bring more honest and unbiased reviews of products to readers.
Looking back on 2018, 365 days of wonderful and fulfilling days, in fact, I am most grateful to myself, for my own efforts, to live my best life, to be the best of myself, and to be proud of it!
Finally, thanks for my family and friends, and followers who are reading this article, thank you for your support and encouragement.
Happy New Year 2019

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