Online dating application can encounter people who shouldn’t be able to meet in real life?
This is a pairing mode based on conditional data. You may not be able to find out the corresponding object of the external condition in real life. There can be little doubt that the dating application can truly lay down loneliness, but happiness is not the kind of feeling…
I want to fall back to the basics of love. This kind of dating mode lacks a real emotional accumulation. I thought I could find the right person on the dating application but it was not the truth.
At first, I used the dating application to kill time and just look for strangers to chat. The existence of dating application is like providing us with a leisure path where you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. If you think this is a common perception, I will tell you with my own practical experience: “This is wrong!”
My goal is clear, I use the dating application, I want to find a boyfriend, and hope we can communicate with a serious attitude.
Entering the dating application, my fingers wandered between the thousands of seemingly talented and handsome guys, leaving a strange but frank answer to fill the lonely space. If we can have well communicate or maybe we can meet each other; if we can interact each other then we can try to start a relationship. I can feel everyone’s seriousness when we can go to this step. It feels like breaking into a vast forest that has never been involved….
I am not a homebody who always likes to stay at home. Being a blogger and content creator, I have never bothered to make new friends. I accidentally fell into the world of dating application, just because I was hurt by my ex-boyfriend. He used to be my perfect boyfriend. I feel that I can’t miss it. When I want to have the idea of clinging the boy friend, the other side wants to get rid of it. When everything is irreparable, my world has collapsed and the blow is devastating. Afterwards, my friends saw me very unhappy and depressed. They strongly suggest that I should see more diverse universe in the dating application.
All along, our way to find a couple is limited to the ones we get in touch with, and there may be something in common with the personality or background as so on. But there is no limit in the dating application. You can meet a wide variety of people, some of which can’t be encountered in your life circle. The world seems to be a lot bigger, and the choice is like endless.
Exploring the first experience of the new world, let me pull out in the pain, as long as I click and slide on the application, I can find different new friends.
Perhaps because my ex-boyfriend is too perfect, my mate choice condition is not low. I ask the other party not to be too old, and the appearance, character and academic qualifications should be good. There must be a certain understanding of art and also humorous fun. Probably the shadow of my ex-boyfriend.
Of course, this is a pairing mode based on conditional data. It is not difficult to find out the opponents with external conditions….
There are so many good guys in the world… There are countless guys to choose from on the phone. If that shows a real world, I have to admit that I will agree with the generation of dating application.
Just looking at it, most of them look like a middle class, and there are also professionals such as accountants and lawyers. Although sometimes the picture is a little more handsome than the real person, but I pick up the people who have contacted, the information data is not fake.
I don’t spend much time making friends at the dating application, but it is roughly estimated that there are about around fifty people who have chatted, and there are about five people who come out to meet each other. There’s only one guy who can really fall in love.
However, the flow of people, people who have known in dating application or people who have chatted…. such as the wind such as smoke…. I can’t remember too much. But I still remember some guys who have done for me…. Unfortunately, this kind of thing didn’t make me feel better or happy.
Friends around me have also asked: All these guys do it for you, do you really feel nothing? I said: It is happy, but it is not that feeling. Everyone has a sincerity in their relationships, but they have not been able to wipe out the sparks. Of course, the coming of love has its subtlety and unpredictability.
I personally think that making friends on dating application is actually with a fragile essence….. Sometimes you will realize that the forest is so big that it is not easy to compromise. If you have a little bit of disappointment, go find something else, especially if you have so many choices. The icy selection mechanism spreads to the interpersonal relationships outside the program.
In a relationship of true interaction, I can only sum up it and only summarize it as a try. (should be our hardware match)
There’s only one boyfriend who knows and interacts through dating application. He is a barrister. He is very busy and often late, and he does not stop working to handle his business by cell phone. What I can’t stand the most is that he is stupid about everything except his own professional work. He doesn’t have a sense of life or taste of life much less a humorous person. I soon broke up but he accused me of playing with all my heart. I candidly explain to him that we both are not suitable for each other. We can finally break up peacefully. The love is short, and it just disappear without a trace.
My friends asked me if I am too harsh on relationships? I also admit that in this pairing model of conditional calculations, people also have less tolerance and patience. You and me, for the sake of courtship, are also rapidly filtered in the screening process, no one wants to spend more time.
I have been in the dating application several times, I have not been able to find a perfect man (my Mr. Right). Time flies away, the dating application can repair my inner wounds. It also made me realise that I can make some like-minded friends who like photography and music.
In the future, I should spend less time using dating application to making friends. On the one hand I’m crazy busy with my work and to be honest I feel that dating application is really wasting time. Sometimes, you think that you have more choices, but it is an illusion. In fact, your real Mr. Right actually has only one type.
To be honest, I have not denied the value of such dating application for courting men and women. The only problem is what you want. I also remind everyone that when you meet the right person, you should come out to meet as soon as possible. Online chat is about packaging and there is no benefit in chatting. You will know the fake or truth if you come out and meet up.
As for myself, I wanna my true love can return to the natural and basic. This kind of dating mode lacks a real emotional accumulation. You think maybe it is right, but there is no quality filling.
Make a final conclusion: Dating application doesn’t suit me fine!


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