1. NIQ in Dark Blue
💡DETAILS: Front dark blue (pink zip) + Back black (turquoise zip) + NIQ flap embossed alligator black + Handle front pink + Handle back dark purple [Dimensions (L x H x D)] 38cm x 28cm x 9cm + [Materials and Finishing for Bag Body] EVA with Saffiano textured embossed, VC Clasp in metalware
✳️Please note that the Front and Back pieces of this item are sold separately. Select the correct side that you require as you will need both the Front and Back pieces to form a complete bag. (eg. you will not be able to zip 2 Front pieces together)
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: It’s made so well, nice design, nice quality and I highly recommend this product. Size is perfect and the bag is lightweight. Holds so many things without being uncomfortable to carry. Great for beach use.
💜💙Specially thanks @voilaconceptssg for the uniquely gifts!! 🤩🧡
🔎OFFICIAL WEBSITE – https://www.voilaconcepts.com
🔎IG – @voilaconceptssg

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