1. DAO TIAN PURE CHICKEN ESSENCE [4 bags per box, 50ml per bag]
💡DETAILS: “Dao Tian Pure Chicken Essence” uses natural grazing red feather ground chicken. Due to its sweet texture and good body shape, it can preserve rich protein and 20 kinds of amino acids. In addition, the chickens are naturally grazed in low-density forests, combined with feeding them with natural fruits, vegetables and insects. The chickens are naturally raised in a stress-free environment for 120 days without adding any growth hormone to ensure that the refined chicken essences are healthier. Traditional method of dripping for more than 15 hours, no steam reflux technology to preserve the purity of chicken essence. Three processes to remove grease. It is healthy with zero grease, zero fat and zero cholesterol. Each pack has only 13 kilocalories. Its supplemented nutrition without causing fatness.
✳️INFO: [Target Group] Adult + [Benefit] Ten efficacies: Replenish strength + Accelerate recuperation after illness and surgery + Boost up vitality + Concern on quality of breast milk + Supplement nutrition during pregnancy + Replenish and strengthen body before pregnancy and after giving birth + Preserve beauty, beautify skin + Improve cold hands and feet and blood circulation + Restoring vitality after excessive use of mind + Enhance immunity
✳️INFO: [Product Usage] Put the unopened sachet in boiling water to heat up (1 minute), or Put the unopened sachet in a vacuum pot and soak in boiling water (5 mins). [Recommended Usage] Adult : 1 pack per day; Elderly : 1-2 packs per day; Children : 1 pack per day; Infants : Half a pack per day; Before and during pregnancy and after giving birth : 2 packs per day;After surgery : 2 packs per day
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I love this product. It’s pretty much the concentrated nutrients of chicken in a small little pack. The taste is delicious and it’s definitely worth it for the benefits. I have had no bad effects from this. DAO TIAN PURE CHICKEN ESSENCE has been my savior. I’m chronically tired from working long hours and getting little sleep. I used to be horribly tired and short tempered at work because of my busy lifestyle. Now I’m brimming over with health and spirits. Worth well more than it costs. I highly recommend taking DAO TIAN PURE CHICKEN ESSENCE if you need an immune boost.
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