Live in color with Regent II. Travel lighter with comfortable ear pads and a foldable design without sacrificing sound quality. No matter your style, their wide range of interchangeable caps lets you express your style freely.
✳️ Highlights: Can be customized with interchangeable caps + Foldable design for easy transport + Features passive-noise isolation + Can be used with an auxiliary cord and via Bluetooth connection + Weighs 185 grams
✡️Accessories: Cap Green Marble + Cap Onyx
🔴MY REVIEW: The headphones, available for online stores, are much improved over earlier version. They are lightweight, easy to pair with my device and feel comfortable on the ears, which is good because for some reason headphones can make my ears sore. I can feel the bass all around my ears which is awesome. The sound quality is excellent. The charging speed is amazing. Took less than an hour to charge. Well worth every penny. Would definitely recommend these to others.
P.S.// Use code [kakalovekakalovelife] to get 15% off discount online + [LIMITED OFFER 24/2 – 31/3] FREE GIFT BAG PACKING and CROSSBODY POUCH with every purchase
🔎OFFICIAL WEBSITE – https://www.sudio.com
🔎WEBSITE – https://www.sudio.com/hk/
🔎FACEBOOK – https://m.facebook.com/Sudiosweden/
🔎IG – @sudio

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