1. G&K – Air Purifier Vehicular Ionic Humidifier Portable USB Gunmetal YH-APM001-G
💡DETAILS: [Product features]
⁃ Air scrubbing Ag + ions also have power to deodorize, eliminate bacteria and eliminate static electricity around them.
⁃ A thermos to reproduce the natural mist and negative ions
⁃ Humidifying negative ion generator is a generator that reproduces negative ions in nature by its own technology.
⁃ Reproduce comfortable negative ions blowing through the waterfall in the room.
⁃ High Concentration Negative Ion Exerts Moisturizing Effect to your Skin. Skin cells are activated and lead to prevention of aging. Reduction of stress improves skin condition. Removes active oxygen. Antioxidant action Immune power / Prevents rough skin by improving natural healing power.
⁃ Operation is OK with One Touch. It is Small and Convenient for Carrying, Recommended for Office and Car.
⁃ Can be Used Even During USB Charging and Charging.
⁃ Energy Saving, 18 hours After Being Charged Once can be Used.
⁃ Deodorize Quickly, Keep it in a Comfortable Space. Removing Bacteria While Suppressing Growth. Keep Humidity, Improve Drying Problems. Eliminate Static Electricity Around My Body.
⁃ Made in Japan
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I like that the machine is pretty quiet, easily adjustable with buttons and very user friendly to set up and control. The quality of air in my bedroom is so much better, this has really helped my breathing. Overall, very neat design, simple to operate, effective at cleaning the air. Definitely must have.
💛💚EspecialAly thanks
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