💡DETAILS: Japan No.1 10,000mg Marine Collagen Drink from Hadatuko, contains up to 10,000 MG collagen. since its introduction to the market, it has been well praised by all the customers. Now, an upgraded version of marine collagen drink is launched solemnly, in order to fulfill the need of the ladies for the transparent, tight and perfect skin. Lightweight and portable: this upgraded marine collagen drink, contains 10,000 MG of collagen protein, zero sugar, low calorie. And it is concentrated from 50 ml to to 30 ml for easy carrying and obsorbing. Patented Proteoglycan from Hokkaido salmon, effectively stimulates the cells and collagen growth and maintain a flawless skin. **Consume continuously for 4-12 weeks, solve the 7 skin problems like dehydration, dry lines, wrinkles, pores , pigmentation, impurity and dull skin.
✳️FUNCTION: [Country of origin: Japan] Whitening + Anti-oxidizing + Hydrating + Dark Spots Removing Resillient + Metabolism + Detox + Women’s Care
✳️INFO: [BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT] Make your skin flawless by inner support. **Consume 1 bottle per day (it is recommended at night).
✅RATING: 9.5/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I’ve just been taking this collagen drink for 10 days and the results are remarkable. Well, I noticed the minor ridges on my nails improving and my hair is seriously the thickest and longest it’s ever been. My skin looks and feels better. The dryness has subsided considerably and I highly recommend this product.
🔎IG – @sasahk_official

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