1. ICHIKI EX Placenta (1 box, 80pcs)
💡DETAILS: Deeply moistures and hydrates the skin + Prevent acne and improves skin texture + Whitening and brightenes the skin + Repairs the skin and enhances skin immunity + Promotes cell proliferation and firmness
❇️INFO: Contains 5 major beauty ingredients + Strictly selected the quaified and safety pigs for collecting placenta extract + The nutritional structure is similar to human body, which is easy to absorb + Each component contains 4000mg high concentrated placenta extract + 100% made in Japan + Passed various safety test and collected certification in Japan
✅RATING: 9.5/10
🔴MY REVIEW: It has been 10 days since I started taking these supplements and the results are good. My face is noticeably flawless, my skin is tighter and glowing and spots are disappearing. So happy to have found this little miracle in a bottle. Definitely plan to continue taking these.
2. ICHIKI UV Whithening (1 box, 100pcs)
💡DETAILS: Sun protection, Whitening and reducing melanin + Againsts the UV in daytime, and reducing melanin in nighttime + Protects the skin from day to night, effectively inhibiting melanin caused by sunlight and UV + Helps remove melanin + Whitening the skin + Antioxidant + Enhances the skin transparency
❇️INFO: 100% made in Japan + Passed various safety test and collected certification in Japan + Completely inhibit melanina and whitening the skin for 24 hours, filling the shortage of tranditional sunscreen products + No limited to the protection time + Avoid the possibility of blocking pores + No limited to the weather, sweat or working outdoor
✅RATING: 9/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I suffered from dark circles and dark spots around my eyes and dull skin all over my limbs. I’ve been using this supplement for a week now and I feel prettier! Well, I haven’t seen any crazy results yet, but I do feel like my skin is glowing. My skin seems to be brighter and I didn’t have any breakouts. Overall, I look beautiful on the outside and feel healthy in the inside. I absolutely recommend this product.
🔎IG – @ichiki_lab