💡DETAILS: [1-REMOVE: COMFORT & NOURISH] Gentle bi-phase formula effectively removes eye, face, and lip makeup. Hydrates skin as it effectively removes long-wear and waterproof makeup. Infused with Coconut Extracts and Probiotics to provide added moisture and a balancing effect to your skin. Willow Bark extract gently tones skin as you remove your makeup. Cinnamon Extract provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Suitable for all skin types. Paraben-free. Not tested on animals.
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I absolutely love this makeup remover. It removes eye makeup as promised and there is literally zero stinging. Effective in removing makeup, even the waterproof eyeliners. Well, it didn’t leave a nasty residue on my skin either but I still wash my face after removing makeup anyway. Definitely a keeper!!
💡DETAILS: [2-CLEANSE: CLEANSE & SOOTHE] A daily gentle facial cleanser that provides your skin with deep hydration. Rich, soothing cream cleanser formula that moisturises as it calms skin irritation. Infused with skin-loving Coconut, Probiotics and Willow Bark Extract. Formulated with moisturising Jojoba Esters and anti-inflammatory Cinnamon Extract. This Hydrating Milky Cleanser is suitable for all skin types including very dry or sensitive skin. Paraben-free. Not tested on animals.
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: This is by far the best, most effective face wash on my dry sensitive skin. Very gentle and does not leave my skin greasy. I’ve been using this for nearly a month and there is a noticeable difference with my skin, it does the job in cleansing the skin and leaving it bright, soft, smooth and healthy looking. Definitely recommend.
💡DETAILS: [3-PEEL: EXFOLIATE & SMOOTH] Gentle micro-peeling cream that clears away dead skin cells in order to delicately brighten your complexion. The deeply moisturising formula of this gentle exfoliating cream is enriched with Natural Cellulose. The benefits of this gentle micro-peeling cream are enhanced by nourishing Coconut and skin-balancing and protecting Probiotics. Arginine is included to encourage collagen and elastin production plus its Antioxidant benefits. Other skin-loving botanical ingredients include Willow Bark Extract, Cinnamon Extract and more. Paraben-free. Not tested on animals.
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I really like this peel. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin like most exfoliating or peel products do, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth, super hydrated. Overall, the product is super gentle on my sensitive skin and I love that it’s a great exfoliant but also non abrasive to the skin. Highly recommend.
4. MILKY TONIC 100ml
💡DETAILS: [4-TONE: BALANCE & COMFORT] Balancing and hydrating Milk-Enriched facial toner to soothe your complexion. Infused with Oat Extract to balance and comfort irritated skin. Provides essential hydration and nourishment as it relaxes your skin. Enhanced with skin-loving botanicals such as Matricaria Flower Water, Jojoba Seed Oil, Camellia Leaf Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Rose Flower Extract, Vanilla Extract, Grape Extract, Lemon Extract, Clove Extract and Lavender Extract. This Milky Tonic is suitable for all skin types including very dry or sensitive skin. Alcohol-free. Paraben-free. Not tested on animals.
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: After using this toner a couple of weeks, it appears to have calmed the eczema areas so that my skin has a more even appearance. It’s hydrating and moisturizing to irritated skin. Highly recommend.
💡DETAILS: [5-TREAT: RESTORE & SOOTHE] This nutrient-rich serum restores dehydrated skin, revealing its natural radiance. Silky-smooth & lightweight, it gives a burst of hydration without a heavy feel. Rose Flower extract, Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera nourish, while Glycerin traps moisture to the skin for a plumped effect. Suitable for all skin types. Not tested on animals. Paraben-free.
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I love this serum. Right after putting this on my skin felt really hydrated and much smoother. Really happy to add this step to my routine and will definitely recommend this.
💡DETAILS: [6-MOISTURIZE: MOISTURIZE & PROTECT] This multi-use moisturising lotion can be used on your face and body. Designed to deliver instantly improved moisture as well as long-term hydration. The deeply hydrating formula features a unique blend of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Seed Extract. Other skin-loving ingredients include Sweet Almond Oil and Black Oat Extract. Helps keep your skin soft, supple and healthy. Suitable for all skin types. Paraben-free. Not tested on animals.
✅RATING: 10/10
🔴MY REVIEW: I absolutely love this lotion. Moisturizes without making my face feel oily or sticky. I love how light it feels and that it doesn’t have a strong scent. Absorbs well. My skin feels healthy and hydrated. I would strongly recommend this product.
📌Disclaimer: I received these products for free in return for providing my honest and unbiased review. Please note that what may work for me, may not work for anyone else. Results may vary from person to person, so please take this into consideration if you decide to try those products.
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