After many weeks of observation, no matter which technology software online social platform is, the terms of use can be changed at any time, and the new platform may not be good.
The most attractive slogan of MeWe: “Your private life is #Not4Sale.”
I believe that the immigration wave of online social platforms in early 2021 should be the largest in recent years. But it is hard to predict the final effect… At least I am not a prophet, and I really don’t know what to do for a moment.
First off, in terms of practicality, WhatsApp and Facebook, they both have the most extensive coverage for the time being. Even if you want to switch to a new platform, you must consider whether there are many real users around you. Let’s use myself as an example: As a blogger/digital content creator, readers and advertisers all over the world are my greatest concern. If readers and advertisers don’t use social platforms extensively, it would be of little significance to me in business.
Secondly, the popularity is not high enough. If the number of likes, comments and click-through rates of the two platforms are all different, it will be difficult to attract readers and advertisers from all over the world to switch to the new social platform. So the value of commercial advertising will be far behind.
Next, MeWe two-step authentication function requires payment, which is prone to security loopholes.
In the end, currently Facebook page does not require payment, while MeWe’s page requires payment every month! As far as I am concerned, it is really good if it is only used as a communication software with friends and family. But as a product promotion, I have reservations for the time being in business.
In summary, technology companies are also companies. Open the door to do business and always need to make money to maintain operations. Even if the new platform is currently advertised as free and without ads and does not hand over user information to third parties, if users continue to increase in the next few years, the company grows larger or it can replace a certain some of the largest social platforms in near future, based on commercial considerations, their official company may change the terms of use at any time. For the majority of users, we can only choose to use it or not.
To quote a practical example: WhatsApp used to be free and ad-free, but then there were problems with its operations. WhatsApp wanted to charge users a USD1 annual fee. After that, a wide range of users complained vigorously. In order to support WhatsApp’s continued operation, Facebook eventually acquired it directly. In this case, we do not need to pay for using WhatsApp, but the price behind it depends on whether you can accept it.
There is no free lunch in this world… Free social platforms are always the most expensive!
Do you agree with what I said?

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