Seven tenths of loving others is just right, and the remaining three tenths must love yourself. Whether you are single or married, you must love yourself and be nice to yourself, every day is Valentine’s Day.
Love yourself, don’t look at other people’s faces, don’t listen to other people’s gossip, and don’t care about others’ eyes.
How to live every day, I have the final say. You can eat whatever you like; you can grow fat or thinner, and you’ll be healthy; you can understand and comfort yourself when you are feeling; you can arrange your own bedtime, no one urges you; you can say goodnight to the person you like. It doesn’t matter if others answer or not.
Happiness is your own, there is no need to become the shadow of others. Those who are comfortable, stay with them for a few more days; those who are uncomfortable, let go. Loving someone is also free, not the shackles of love.
Valentine’s Day is a happy day. As long as you feel happy, every day is Valentine’s Day.
Love yourself well, forget all the past things, happy is a day, unhappy is a day, laughter is a day, crying is a day. How to spend a good day, choose by yourself.
Love yourself, exercise, make more money, and be happy.
Love yourself and help those who know how to be grateful; those who have no conscience know how to stay away; those who are destined to leave learn to let go; those who stay around hold hands for a lifetime.
Love yourself, live a good life with money, and live a good mood without money; forget what you should forget, cherish what you cherish, and remember what you should remember. Mood is free and easy, love is free and easy, life is easy and natural.
Love yourself, don’t force anything, just let the flow go. With a good mentality, everything is fine. Valentine’s Day without a lover is also romantic; it is not a Valentine’s Day, but also sweet.
**For dessert we had fresh strawberries, a real treat!!
**On another day we drank Orange Herbal Tea from South Africa, Fresh Fruits from Japan and Japanese Mochi Sweets.

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