William Chace, a well-known English professor at Stanford University, recalled in his memoir “One Hundred Semesters My Adventures As Student, Professer, and University President, And What I Learned Along The Way” that in the 1960s, entering the graduate school to study for a Ph.D. For sacred things, most people accept that they cannot graduate. He entered the English Department of UC Berkeley in 1961. There were 120 new doctoral students that year, and only 12 of them received a degree. The death rate was 90%. Today, although the mortality rate has declined, the investment is still huge and the risk is not low.
When I read this article, I realized……
Whenever the night is quiet, after work, I return home with a tired body, take a bath and eat, take a break, I will start reading and doing some notes homework. Sometimes it’s really tired…
But during the doctoral degree study, I found it very interesting. Although there were many difficulties in the process, I hope I can overcome all obstacles and see the light soon.
I have three accountant licenses (including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia), one financial analyst license, and four master’s degrees. Currently studying for a part-time doctoral degree.
I believe this should be the last degree course in my academic career. But my good friends say that this will never be my full stop… God knows?
Whenever I feel a bottleneck in my life, I always like to jump out of my comfort zone and constantly challenge myself. I have no way to explain, but “this is me”.
P.S.// I have been really busy in the past six months. I can’t breathe at work or school. I believe that in 2021, I will not be able to update my all social platforms frequently. I hope that my four INSTAGRAM accounts, Twitter, blog site and my Facebook private account plus Facebook page will be able to maintain regular and limited updates every month in 2021, but I really cannot guarantee this. I hope my followers/readers can forgive me and continue to support me!
**I must stand firm and move towards my goal. I must take what I dream of Tudor Bonnet…

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