[Selfcation] Come on your own personal vacation and feel the value of being alone

Sometimes we also need a person’s Selfcation. Do whatever you like and enjoy time alone. Sometimes socializing is also a tiring thing. Maybe every urbanite should come to a “Selfcation”, let go of everything, and feel life alone.
If you have a rare holiday, what would you do? You may ask your friends to go shopping to watch movies, have afternoon tea, or you may have a sweet date with your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, have you ever thought about yourself, maybe watching TV at home, or reading a book, tasting a cup of hot coffee/hot tea, and enjoying your own leisure time alone?
You may feel that being alone is a bit lonely, but as long as you have tried to be alone, you will find its charm. Life is not easy, every day of the camp. Life is occupied by endless work, feel like less personal time, and I need to deal with unfamiliar people, and I am very tired. Occasionally give yourself a chance to be alone, be yourself quietly and not be disturbed by others. You can like to be alone, put on headphones, listen to music, and stroll around; you can watch Netflix while lying in bed, or be in a daze. During this time, you don’t need to discuss with others and compromise with them. You can do whatever you want, also you can take this opportunity to get along with yourself, listen carefully to your heart, understand your true thoughts, and find your inner self.
Life is constrained by many cumbersome things, and you will gradually forget where the meaning of life lies. Give yourself a chance to “Selfcation”, calm down, take a good rest, and reinject new strength into your life.

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