[The true meaning of happiness] Your value is never based on how many luxury goods you have

For some girls, luxury goods may be their yearning for an ideal life in the future, their motivation for moving forward or their goals in life. This is not a bad thing either.
But the obsession to buy luxury goods has ruined many girls. Because they are not after the quality of luxury, but the class represented by the word “luxury”.
Some people think that having a lot of luxury goods means that they have entered a certain social class. But is it really so?
For example: when you buy a valuable designer handbag, do you have to buy some clothes and accessories that are worthy of the handbag? Then you want to buy a car or a penthouse to highlight your status? Such a life is too tiring.
The life behind luxury goods is impossible to pretend. Don’t forget the words of Ms. CoCo Chanel, the founder of the classic luxury brand Chanel: “You can’t afford Chanel, You also don’t have many clothes to choose from. But never forget one of the most important clothes, this dress is called self.” In fact, one’s inner self-cultivation and inner value are more important than buying famous brands.
The value of a person is never based on how many designer handbags you have, but on your wisdom, cultivation and connotation.
Don’t be so tired of living because of vanity. Learn to consume within your own ability to be happy.