[One’s Happiness] You can enjoy eating, drinking, and watching movies alone

Life is not easy, we work hard, hoping to have a better life in the future. Work is tired enough, and sometimes socializing with different people is really exhausting physically and mentally. Faced with the life of busy urbanites, occasionally I feel a bit wasting my life, and I even really want to change the existing way of life.
In recent years, I have fallen in love with the life philosophy of eating, drinking, and watching movies by myself, giving me a new life experience.
I find that in Asia, especially in Hong Kong, dining alone in a restaurant is mostly regarded as an outlier, or even treated with sympathy. But I think instead of living for the world, I have to live for myself. In recent years, I no longer taboo eating, drinking, watching movies, etc. alone.
For me personally, this is the way of life I am looking forward to very much. I don’t need to cater to and please others, I can enjoy a peaceful and leisure time alone.
You may feel that being alone is a bit lonely, but as long as you have tried to be alone, you will find its charm. In daily life, we have to deal with people in various forms, and there is not much personal time/space at all. Occasionally give yourself a chance to be alone, be yourself quietly and not be disturbed by others. I can eat dinner freely and unfettered, focusing on the food in front of me; I can bring headphones, listen to music, walk around or read a book in a bookstore, and feel a peaceful night. During this time, I don’t need to discuss with others or compromise with them, I can do whatever I want. I can also take this opportunity to get along with myself, listen carefully to my heart, and find my inner self.
There is nothing wrong with being alone, and occasionally we also need to withdraw from the crowd and feel the joy of being alone.

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