10 Easy Breakfast Ideas

I believe that many friends eat breakfast, and more and more friends make their own breakfast.
Cooking your own breakfast does not necessarily have to pursue the 365-day non-repeat breakfast style. As long as you like to eat, there is nothing wrong with repeating it. If you try a different breakfast every day for the sake of not repeating it, you may be exhausted. I think it’s good to be casual.
Everyone’s situation is different, and their eating habits are different. Some people like a full breakfast, which is suitable for others, but it may not be suitable for me. I don’t like greasy breakfast, which is mainly light. And I prefer to have various fruits for breakfast.
There is no need to insist on the type and quantity of breakfast. It is comfortable to eat and nutrition is enough. It is the best that suits you.
The past ten days have not been so exciting, just plain, simple and comfortable.
I didn’t keep track of breakfast before, because I ate so simple. I saw that people had fried steak, salmon, eggs, meat, fruits, etc. for breakfast every day, and the presentation was so beautiful. I was embarrassed to put photos on social platforms. Maybe some of you have the same idea as me.
**Life is for yourself, not for others. Just let yourself be comfortable and live happily.