LENSCULTURE Critics’ Choice 2021

I am an amateur photographer. If time permits, I like to take some photos casually when I hold my camera and go out in my spare time on weekends. Without a specific theme, I just like to take some photos I like.
I called this photo “Hope for Tomorrow”, and the subject matter is about: We have been disappointed in the face of the epidemic, but as long as we have faith, we can overcome everything and move forward! This photo of mine is just to express the young people’s vision for the future! As long as there is confidence, bad things will always pass, and good things will wait for us!
**If you like to hold the camera and shoot casually like I do, and you have good works, please join this competition and share the photos with photographers from all over the world.
🔎WEBSITE- https://www.lensculture.com/photo-competitions/critics-choice-2021
🔎MY FB POST – https://www.facebook.com/100014956428394/posts/1130629930778877/

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