[Can you describe your personality traits well? ] I just look colder but not difficult to get along with: my friends always say that I am the kind of cold girl

Then I will briefly talk about the five personality traits of a cold girl like me:

1. [True temperament] I laugh when I am happy, and look blank when I am unhappy. All the emotions come from the heart. And I generally don’t wrong myself to pretend to be what others like, and I don’t try to please anyone in order to win others’ attention. Once I meet a co-production partner, I will start the chat mode, chatting more fun than anyone else.

2. [Independent and strong personality] I am a very financially independent person. I never like to rely on others. I am used to dealing with everything myself first, and I will ask others for help if I really can’t solve it. When in a relationship, I don’t often cling to my boyfriend and act like a baby, but prefer to keep a certain amount of time alone.

3. [Not accustomed to smiling, but it also looks beautiful] I laugh less in front of strangers or unfamiliar people, and only show my smile unreservedly in front of people I trust. Friends think that my smile is always sunny and contagious. Everyone likes the way I laugh.

4. [Keen Observation] I belong to the slow-heat type. When others are chatting happily, I am used to staying quietly. And I rarely take the initiative to chat with others. This way, I can exercise stronger observation and social skills, and I can often tell the key points in one sentence.

5. [Be indifferent to others just want to protect myself] Colleagues and friends often say that my face always looks like “Don’t get close to strangers”, but indifference is just to protect myself. If you get along with me, you will find that I am very easy-going, not as difficult to get along with as you thought. And once I regard you as a good friend, I will cherish you very much and treat you very sincerely. I am definitely a person worthy of deep friendship.

All right! This is me! I hope you can briefly understand my personality traits after reading the above five points.

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