💡DETAILS: The perfect advanced version of Yumesuhada that integrates and improves all of its functions. The magic to make your face smaller, with rich ingredients to eliminate toxic substances from lymphatic vessels and tighten the skin. Moisturizing all day with Japanese γ-PGA Natto collagen and natural spring water from three major beauty hot springs in Japan to make skin plump and elastic. Promoting skin metabolism, giving skin a healthy complexion and making you more confident without makeup. Highly effective whitening, maintaining the activeness of skin and inhibiting the formation of melanin, with more natural and noticeable whitening effects. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, minimizing pores, lightening dark lines and spots. Infiltrating the skin quickly, preventing it from aging, and restoring skin elasticity. Made in Japan with quality assurance.

✳️INFO: No addictive, Natural formula, Leader for Natural and Myth-like skin

🔴MY REVIEW: I’ve been using this cream for a month now. It’s very hydrating and I have actually seen an improvement to the texture of my skin. This’s definitely one of my top picks! It absorbs quickly and it’s not greasy. It leaves my face moisturized and soft! I highly recommend this to everyone that wants a better skin tone.


💡DETAILS: Supreme Hydrating Moisturizer Cleaning Foam can perfect cleansing and mild exfoliating, it gently remove excess dirt without taking away moisture, it contains a high level of moisturising ingredients, it can cleanse while locking moisture, it can not only gently wash the skin without applying any stress, but also create rejuvenation of smooth and delicate skin, making it suitable for countering dehydration, eczema or dry skin after medical treatment.

🔴MY REVIEW: I love it so much! Seeing such a visible difference in just a couple of uses. It makes my skin feel clean after using without residue. It foams/lathers up nicely as well. My face always feels super clean afterwards. I love this brand and their products.


💡DETAILS: Supreme Hydrating Moisturizer Dew unified the toner and essence element extremely in greatly strengthened moisturizer dew. Matches by the unique formula by Yunokawahot spring water, coordinating the hyaluronic acid to have the superior replenishment function, not only can ” penetration ” to cuticle most deep place, but can also achieve “moisturizer” surface layer the flesh fully function, 2 moisturizer functions multiply each other, made the flesh attain in-depth moisturizer instantaneously.

🔴MY REVIEW: I’ve been using this for almost a month now and I can notice and feel the visible difference in my skin after I used this product. It’s very hydrated but not greasy. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I love how simple the ingredients are. Definitely a safe skincare product for sensitive skin.


💡DETAILS: Supreme Hydrating Moisturizer Repair Cream contains a variety of natural botanical ingredients added to natural spring water from Japan’s top hot springs combined with a unique formula to replenish, hydrate and hydrate skin, ideal for dehydration, eczema or dry skin after medical treatment. Its main strength is its light and refreshing texture, effectively getting rid of fatigue while reducing the signs of ageing and making you feel totally relaxed.

🔴MY REVIEW: I’ve been using it for two weeks now. It’s very smooth going on, leaves a hydrated feeling without looking oily/greasy. It’s lightweight so I can use it as a day and night cream. My skin was never dry while using it. Definitely recommend.


💡DETAILS: SUPIA HT Placenta is the highest-end product in beauty and health care products. When you hear “oil”, you may only think of “unhealthy”. Horse oil is not only healthy, it also has a very magical effect. Net moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging and other beauty effects. It also contains coenzyme Q10 and corn germ extract components, which are helpful for heart blood vessels.

✳️INFO: Made in Japan. Placenta extract is a health-care food made from natural ingredients, which is made from the high-quality variety “Tama”, which is unique to Naitai Ranch in Hokkaido, Japan. It is very effective for improving skin, anti-aging, busy urban people, improving pain, and adjusting menopause. How to use it once a day, take 3 capsules each time.

🔴MY REVIEW: Since taking this for about a month now. My complexion is more healthy and rejuvenated. My eczema has healed tremendously and does not get nearly as irritated as it has in the past. Great supplement for anti aging. Skin is visibly firmer, smoother and more radiant. I will definitely continue to take this.


💡DETAILS: Rapid immersion into the skin to completely reduce melanin, use of vitamin C derivatives and three plant extracts. As a whitening function, make the skin show bloom white, natural ingredients, not easy to stimulate the skin. With more than 10 kinds of high-efficient moisturizing ingredients can penetrate into the stratum corneum, let the skin back to high-density moist state, effectively resist external stimuli. Anti-inflammatory anti-allergy: Contains Aloe Vera leaf extract and other active ingredients, antibacterial activity, anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, but also, in-depth pores to eliminate acne shrink pores, restore skin immunity, resist outside abuse. Can get the natural makeup charm even no makeup. This product improves the skin from the inside to the outside, and is suitable for any age group and any skin. The ingredients are made of natural and non-added chemical safety formula.

✳️INFO: “Dreamy translucent skin.” Won the 2017 best moisturizing cream award from Japan’s Trend Magazine “Vivi”. The main ingredients of natural natto extract γ-PGA with many moisturizing factor and development, moisturizing hyaluronic acid than several times higher than Gao, also more flexible than collagen, On the improvement of dry skin, repair pores, plaque effect is very noticeable. And to further improve the underlying skin cells, making skin color nature blushed red, supremacy nude effect, natural elements to improve skin rejuvenation, leaves the skin hydrated, transparent and firming. It’s the queen of Yumesuhada series, which is the “Element of Life” for skin.

🔴MY REVIEW: Fantastic skincare product. It absorbs well into skin and makes for a smooth base for makeup application. It instantly brightens the tone without any irritation. Overall, I got so many compliments, I don’t need foundation anymore. Try apply this magic/miracle cream then you can get natural shining skin.

📌Disclaimer: The above review is purely personal opinion. Not everyone likes what I like. Please note that what may work for me, may not work for anyone else. Results may vary from person to person, so please take this into consideration if you decide to try those products.



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