[My birthday 10/2021] Enjoy every little thing in life: One day you will find that every moment is an important moment in life

The whole life is neither long nor short. In this life, we will encounter all kinds of things, some are enough to affect your emotions, some seem to be very insignificant, lightly stroke your life, as if it has never existed. We are always accustomed to ignoring the little things in life, but it seems that the little things that are boring and ordinary are also part of the beauty of life. Learn to enjoy every little thing in life, because when you look back on the past, you may discover how important those so-called little things are.

Everyone has different dreams and pursuits, and they have worked hard for this for most of their lives. Sometimes I feel as if I am just living for this, as if I only need to accomplish my goals to be happy and that life is meaningful. We will always fall into a whirlpool unconsciously, thinking that the pursuit in front of us is absolute, ecstatic to a little bit obsessive, and then we will start to lose our way.

We have forgotten that there are many small joys in life. A person drinking a cup of smooth coffee in a coffee shop, looking up at the blue sky, facing the breeze, walking slowly on the street, feeling the breath of the city, or eating hot pot with the family is enough to touch our hearts. Sometimes let go of your irritability, let go of worries, calm down to appreciate the things around you, and enjoy every little thing in life. You may find that there are many things in this world that are worth stopping and savoring, and these little things…. It may give you the motivation to want to live, and every trivial thing becomes an important moment in your life.

The best things in life are often the trivial things, right?

**I haven’t seen my family for about a year. This is a rare family gathering. Had my favorite Taiwanese hot pot for my birthday this year.

**Digression: I have never been a superstitious person, but my dad told me that eating hot pot on my birthday has a very strong career fortune. So basically I eat hot pot on my birthday every year. I hope my career will flourish. Fortunately, every time I have eaten hot pot, lucky things happen in my work.

COU COU, We ordered as follows:

⁃ Taiwan Style Spicy Hot-Pot Base

⁃ Fish Maw and Chicken Hot-Pot Base

⁃ Seafood Combo

⁃ Iberian Black Pork Sliced

⁃ Assorted Beef and Seafood Dishes

⁃ Black Bone Chicken Braciola

⁃ Seafood Lollipop

⁃ Japan Sanuki Udon Noodles

⁃ Konjac Sticks

⁃ Veggies Combo

⁃ Green Tea Jelly with Plum

⁃ Smoothie

⁃ Icy Black Tea with Plum Juice

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