[My birthday 10/2021] When I mature and grow up, I don’t like a large group of people celebrating birthdays: “A simple meal with my family is enough.”

When I was young, I looked forward to my birthday most. That may be the only day out of 365 days when I can do whatever I want. I can invite classmates or friends to have a birthday party, and I can also enjoy endless happiness. But when I grew up, I realized that birthdays are actually no big deal, it’s just a day to remind myself that I’m one year older. Now I no longer look forward to birthdays, nor do I love birthdays so much. A simple meal with the family is enough.

In the past, I would regard birthday as the most important holiday. I can go to the amusement park to play, and then invite friends home to have a party, eat birthday cakes, and receive a lot of birthday gifts. That day, I seemed to be standing in the center of the world, and everyone was circling around me, extremely happy. However, as I grow older, my playfulness seems to be getting lower and lower. I was no longer keen on the excitement, and began to think that a large group of people gathered to celebrate, it seemed a bit meaningless. Birthday, for me now, is like an ordinary day, there is nothing to celebrate.

My birthday is undoubtedly telling me: “I’m a year older again.” Maybe it’s because I don’t want to admit that I’ve grown a year older; maybe it’s because I get older and more anxious; maybe the more I grow up, the less satisfying it is. The less I can get what I want, the less and less I know what I really want. Now I no longer like to be the focus of the audience, and I don’t want to bother others. It’s good to just have a casual meal with my family.

With my family and people who love me, I am happy every day.

My birthday wish this year is that the world pandemic will disappear, there will be no natural disasters, and the world will be peaceful. I hope everyone is happy and healthy. This is my biggest wish this year. After the pandemic is over, I can meet more with my family and friends and my life will return to normal.

**Mom: Today is my birthday. Thank you for giving me life, for giving me tolerance and understanding in life. Without you, everything I have will be zero. It is because of you that I will shine with the brilliance of life.

For so many years, I have always remembered what my mother said to me. She hopes that I will be strong, independent, and have a career that I like. When I encounter difficulties or disappointment, I always think of my mother’s words to encourage myself.

I know that your biggest hope now is that I can live a healthy and happy life! I have also been working hard to make myself healthy and happy!

Sincerely wish you happiness, health and happiness forever! Mom, I love you!

I casually found a restaurant for afternoon tea with my mother. We ordered as follows:

Greyhound Cafe

⁃ Chargrilled Squid with Spicy Tangy Sauce: This chargrilled giant squid with “WOW” you at first glance. Served with traditional seafood sauce topped with grounded peanuts.

⁃ Thai Pop: Fried chicken pops with spicy batter served with citrus salt and Sriracha mayonnaise.

⁃ Pink Journey: Strawberry, apple and lime juice smoothie

⁃ Mixed Berries Crepe Cake: Light and thin crepes, layered with fresh cream and mixed berries, topped with berry sauce.

⁃ Coffee Mania: Chocolate ice cream, frozen cappuccino, short cake, meringue, caramel sheet, almonds, whipped cream and cocoa dust, marshmallow, Picco

Finally, I wish myself: KaKa Happy Birthday 2021

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