[Happy and Positive Life, KaKa’s Food Journey] We don’t need too many things in life, as long as we live safely and healthily, it’s enough

People always have desires, some want fame and status, some want inexhaustible wealth, and some want to have a lover who loves themselves. Many people are struggling for the life they desire, and they are exhausted to death. In fact, when we think about it carefully, we don’t need too many things in our lives. It’s already very good to be able to live safely and healthily and live our own life well.

People are hard to be satisfied. When you have enjoyed the satisfaction you have, you will want to get more. It may be fame and status, or wealth, as long as it can fill the vanity in the heart. In order to pursue fame and fortune, endure all kinds of intrigues in the workplace and life; yearn for a luxurious life, and put in all kinds of unimaginable hard work. Sometimes, desire can lead some people to a detour, or even a path that will never be restored.

With the rapid development of modern society, material life has become more and more abundant, and our pursuit of material and money has become higher, and the pressure has also increased. The greater the desire, the smaller the gain, and many people begin to feel unhappy. But seriously, do we really need so many things? In order to pursue these lives, we are so tired that we are about to forget the true meaning of life. In fact, many things in this life are not as important as we imagined. Only peace and health should be the pursuit of a lifetime. Sometimes, lower your inner desires, slow down, and simply live your life. Maybe you will also find life differently beautiful.

It is enough to live safely and healthily and continue to explore the beauty of this world.

**It is a very happy thing to have dinner with a good friend after get off work, even if my boyfriend is not by my side. Had our favorite grilled spring chicken and spaghetti with cuttlefish sauce, and paired it with a banana cocktail as the final decoration for this happy dinner. Happy dinner gathering!

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