[Positive Life, KaKa’s Food Journey] Life is not easy, every day I think of ways to make myself happy

Life is not easy. We face heavy work and rapid pace of life every day, and we have to deal with all kinds of people. The pressure is so high that we are almost out of breath. Sometimes I feel that my life is like stagnant water, lifeless. Adults have countless troubles and depressions, but life is still to be lived, so we must think of some ways to make ourselves happy everyday, and try to make the dull life ripple a little, so as not to lose ourselves the meaning of life.

I don’t know if you guys are like me. I always feel surrounded by work at all times. I go to work during the day, and after get off work at night, I still have to work at home or read a book to learn to do my homework. Towards the end of the year, especially in December, my workload has increased dramatically, and I often have to stay in the company to work overtime; as the management of the company, I have too many responsibilities…. I must take care of myself or the people around me, and I must be a boss who is competent for the work and the subordinates, etc. My life sometimes seems to be incapable of…. In addition to dealing with busy work, dealing with big and small things in life, dealing with various interpersonal relationships, but also watching the world collapse little by little, it is really full of powerlessness. Especially when I wake up every day recently, I feel very tired in life. Sometimes I look in the mirror and look at my lifeless life, and my heart is depressed and helpless.

Recently, the life around me is always full of bad emotions, making my life bad. But I will insist on taking good care of myself and thinking of ways to make myself happy everyday. For example, I would read a book, listen to music, or open Netflix, watch a set of the most popular dramas, and take myself away from my daily nervousness for a while. After get off work or on weekends, I will meet my friends to go shopping and take a look at the latest fashions. Sometimes I choose to walk alone in the street facing the breeze, slow down, and feel the atmosphere of the city. At this time, I really found out that life can still be beautiful, and there are many things worthy of my appreciation. I have to work hard to make myself have something to be happy about everyday in order to feel that I am living, not just alive.

Please remember: Everyone’s life is not easy, we must learn and work hard to live happily every day, life will be meaningful.

**Recently, Shanghai opened a Japanese restaurant with the theme of matcha. As a foodie, I went to this newly opened restaurant for a weekend to join in the fun with my friends. I feel that the food in this restaurant is pretty good too. I ate Japanese ChaShu Pork Belly Ramen, Special Matcha Dessert and my favorite Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte.

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