1. MAGIC PRESS (PRESS-ON) x40boxes

💡DETAILS: One step to apply Magic Press gel nails. Easy, peel-off removal in seconds. Gel shine in no time. No glue, no dry time, no damage. Safe on natural nails. Quick & Easy, no skill or technique required. Just press on and apply anywhere and anytime. Mix and match designs within each set effortlessly. Instant high gloss gel effect, nail salon look. Nail extension effect. Customisable length. Ultralight and comfortable material.

✳️KEY FEATURES: [Press-on Gel Nails] Instant, on-trend press-on nails that last + Chip resistant high shine gel color + Comfortable, natural look and feel + Waterproof wear up to 7 days + Pressure sensitive adhesive for stay-put perfection + No soak off or painful removal


💡DETAILS: Press-on pedicure gel nails with easy application and comfortable wear. Think of your favorite coffeehouse treat every time you look down at your feet.

✳️KEY FEATURES: [Press-on Pedicure Gel Nails] Instant, on-trend press-on toe nails that last + Chip resistant high shine gel color + Comfortable, natural look and feel + Waterproof wear up to 7 days + Pressure sensitive adhesive for stay put perfection + No soak off or painful removal

🔴[1 + 2] MY REVIEW: Under the raging pandemic, nail salons are temporarily closed, and we can only rely on our own nail polish and nail stickers to create manicure effects. I have tried Dashing Diva’s Magic Press for nails and pedicures for more than a few years. Indeed, the effect is definitely beautiful, like the effect of doing gel manicures in a nail salon. I think the most convenient is that Dashing Diva Magic Press On Nails do not require glue and do not hurt the nails; fast DIY, it is just like tailor-made for nails. As long as you follow the steps in the manual, you can easily create beautiful nails. Dashing Diva Pedicure Press On Toenails are perfect for summer sandals. Dashing Diva even has a lot of different styles for foot manicures. The effect is natural, and the manicure also modifies the nail shape. Highly recommended these.

💗My top 5 favorite boxes of Dashing Diva include: [Magic Press] Premium Coffin + MDR1148PC Premium Stiletto MDR1027PT + Magic Press Stiletto MDR1034ST + Magic Press MDR1146 + Magic Press Premium MWK061PR

▶️[About the brand] Dashing Diva established its headquarters in Port Washington, New York in 2001, and is the earliest high-quality nail brand on the market. The brand hopes that all women’s hands and feet can become a fashion center that changes their lives, and provides innovative solutions other than phototherapy manicures with simple and beautiful nail pieces. Dashing Diva is synonymous with the pursuit of fashion changes and handsome women. It turns every most beautiful and attention-grabbing moment into a fast fashion trend and integrates it into our girls’ daily life. Make us all confident, passionate and charming fashion women, and this is exactly what Dashing Diva wants to express, WE LOVE NAILS!!

📌Disclaimer: The above review is purely personal opinion. Not everyone likes what I like. Please note that what may work for me, may not work for anyone else. Results may vary from person to person, so please take this into consideration if you decide to try those products.



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