[Happy Valentine’s Day 2022] In this season of love, KaKa writes some of her own views on love Part 1

Long-term love is never just “love”, it depends on whether you like yourself at the moment…. To retain independence in love, what is more terrible than losing others is losing yourself.

When it comes to love, you may think that as long as two people love each other deeply, it is enough. Just starting a relationship, the easiest thing is to see if you like this person, but a long-term love is never just love. It depends on whether you like yourself at the moment or not. If this relationship has made you look like you hate yourself, or even lose yourself, then it’s time for you to leave.

Is there any woman in the world who does not desire love? Every woman wants to find a better half who loves her wholeheartedly. However, once a woman is in love, it is easy to fall in love with all her heart, and no matter how witty a woman is, she will become irrational.

Since then, a man has become the whole of your life, and even your world; the focus of life has long deviated…. His every move can affect your emotions; for him, you can give up everything, including the things you like and precious time spent with friends, even with family; living to satisfy your partner in life, as long as he is happy, you are willing to do anything; no matter when, he will always be ahead of you, and you will sacrifice everything to satisfy him. For him, you can give everything, only know how to care about his feelings, but forget to care about yourself. You often feel that love is about sacrifice, so you often give in to yourself, think about the other party more than yourself, and gradually lose yourself. The more you love without limits, the more unscrupulous the other person will be.

**What I want to add here is: Bad love needs to be stopped in time. In a bad relationship, it is more terrifying to lose your soul and lose yourself than to lose someone else.

When you become sensitive, restless, irritable, negative and humble in a relationship, complain and cry frequently, and even feel that you have become very strange, no longer the lively and lovely person you used to be, and you start to hate yourself, so is this still the love you longed for?

In a long-term love, of course, we want to be good to the other half and make each other feel happy. But it is definitely not just love and dedication. It is two people who work together in this relationship to become a better person who will like and appreciate themselves. Two people can support and encourage each other, work hard for the future life together, and experience the ups and downs of life together. With him, you can progress together and become better people.

Every woman must be clear about this: You must keep a little sanity in love. The person who loves you will never let you be wronged, and will not want you to become less like yourself because of him. Mature people will retain their integrity and independence in love, and can find a balance that allows them to love each other without being too dependent on each other, and will not become an accessory to each other.

If in this relationship, you become the person you look down on and meet the person who makes you lose yourself in this relationship, you should leave soon.

Remember what KaKa told you…. to love others, first to love yourself. Don’t let that so-called love eat away at your soul.

**These photos were taken in Hong Kong during Christmas 2021. Christmas last year meant a lot to me. My boyfriend came to Hong Kong from Melbourne, and I flew back to Hong Kong from Shanghai. Just a month ago, we spent the happiest and most romantic Christmas in the same place! It’s also one of my favorite top-rated Le Guide Michelin Chinese restaurants in Central. [All photos were taken with a mobile phone (iPhone 12 Pro Max). It is incredible that a mobile phone can take such photo effects.]

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