[Happy Valentine’s Day 2022] In this season of love, KaKa writes some thoughts on love Part 2

Those who love us will never let us feel sorry for each other. For the rest of your life, love the person who makes you laugh.

Maybe everyone has been hurt in love. When we were young, we went forward bravely for love, even if we burst into blood and tears, it doesn’t matter. No matter how many tears we have shed, it will not stop our hearts from moving forward, and we are even more reluctant to let go. As we get older, we finally find out…. Those who are truly emotionally mature and who truly love us will never let us feel wronged. After so many injuries…. We only realize that in this life, we should find someone who can make us laugh from the heart anytime, anywhere.

In such a long life, who has not cried bitterly for others. We used to sacrifice everything for the person we love. Even if we are hurt and weep, we do whatever we can to please each other. As long as the other person smiles, we can immediately wipe away the tears and forget all the pain and continue to love him unconditionally. When we calm down, we think of this person we love deeply, but at the same time the other party is the one who makes us cry miserably. Maybe the thought of leaving the other party has also appeared in our minds, but just thinking about it makes us feel pain… it’s just a bitter love.

When we were young, we were reluctant to leave even if we were injured, but now we have grown up and learned to love ourselves. After a few relationships, we found that true love doesn’t have so many rules, just being happy with each other is enough. We have to find someone who can make us laugh when we see each other or think of each other. This is the person we truly love. Those who truly love us, they absolutely don’t want to make us cry, they just want to spoil us like a carefree little princess who will put a smile on our face. Our life is already so tired, falling in love is just to make us happy, it must be a sweet and happy love.

If in a love, only fatigue and tears are left, it is time to break up.

Every soul is alone in this world, and we all long for someone to see through our hearts. Especially in a love relationship, women hope that they don’t need to say anything. As long as we give each other a look or a small gesture, men will understand our thoughts. Looking around, women always wonder why they still can’t find that person? Well, I just think we shouldn’t expect everyone to see our hearts or understand our thoughts. After all, everyone’s personality and growth experience are different, and it is impossible for everyone to experience our joys and sorrows. It’s so hard to find someone in the ends of the earth who can see through our hearts. If you can meet it, you are lucky; but if you haven’t met it for a while, don’t be too sad. Time will always give you an answer.

Women always hope that in a relationship, both men and women can see through each other’s hearts without words. Men will know what you think, like or need. Men see the weakness behind your strength or the tears behind your smile. Men will understand the difference behind your helplessness and pain or ordinary. Men also understand the loneliness of women. More importantly, a woman hopes to find someone who can touch her soul… The collision of souls, the spark of mutual collision, fills the emptiness in a woman’s heart.

But I can only tell you with regret… Many people spend most of their lives unable to find someone who understands themselves, let alone someone who can touch their soul. Everyone is an individual, everyone has their own ideas, and no one has the obligation and responsibility to understand you all the time. People will meet many different kinds of people in their life. I just think that if you meet people who are compatible, you will naturally fall in love, and those who can’t get along with us don’t need to fall in love reluctantly. What’s more, how can we ask others to touch our soul sometimes when we don’t even know our true self? Maybe, if we take everything lightly, we might be happier.

We must remember: Before we meet those who understand ourselves, we must also learn to live well and love ourselves well. For the rest of our lives, we must find someone who makes us happy all the time, so that life can be as beautiful as a flower.

**After returning to Hong Kong for nearly half a month during Christmas, I went to many different restaurants with my boyfriend, my family and friends to taste delicious food. If time permits, I will update here from time to time. Stay tuned.

**These photos were taken in Hong Kong during Christmas 2021. This is also one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The restaurant is called Sabatini Ristorante Italiano.

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