[Positive Life, KaKa’s Food Journey] Does anyone have a similar situation to me…. When a person lives in a foreign land, sometimes we may hear a voice in our ears and say to ourselves: “Even if we live the best life in a foreign land, when we are alone, we will still look to our hometown, miss that home.”

Did you ever say this when you were young? “This world is very big, and I want to go and see it.” Some people leave their hometown while they are young and go to other places to see it. We leave our hometowns and work hard for our careers. Sometimes we miss our hometown, and when we are quiet, we also miss those familiar friends, streets or scenery, etc.

Sometimes a person has lived in a foreign place for a long time, the new home is here, the new life is here, and the impression of the once-familiar streets or scenery in the hometown begins to blur. Sometimes our work is so busy that we don’t go back to our hometown once a year. When we go back to see our hometown, we will be amazed at the changes in our hometown: When will there be more stores here? Why is this street different? The paths you used to walk, the parks you took to rest, the restaurants you used to go to with friends and family are all gone, and now the rest may be things you haven’t seen before, and you can’t even remember the name of the street you’re walking on. Maybe you will be like me. Every time you go back to your hometown, you only stay for a short time and say goodbye to your hometown again, and then you go back to where you live now.

When we are young, we are always full of enthusiasm. With the mentality of going everywhere, we go to study or work in foreign countries/cities. No matter how good our life is, sometimes we will inevitably feel lonely. We are alone in happiness, we are alone in sadness, we live alone in a foreign land, and there are times when we lose our sense of direction and security. We began to miss the hot meals cooked for us by our mother, the warm hugs of our family members, and the beauty of our hometown. In the past, we were full of ambition to see the outside world, and we went on an indefinite trip aimlessly. However, the longer we are away from our hometown, the more or less we will get a little tired and start to miss our hometown.

I once read a text on the Internet, and I feel the same way about this text… I wonder if you guys who live in different countries/cities have the same feeling? “We work hard for life in other countries/cities, and sometimes we just want to open a window to see the scenery outside. When we get lost on the road and see the lights in the distance, we unconsciously regard a foreign land as our hometown. We are ordinary people after all, and occasionally we feel sad and miss our hometown inadvertently.”

**These photos were taken during Christmas 2021 when I went to a hotel buffet with my family.

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