[Our Love Story: WKAR & I] Love depends not only on love and respect, but also on the firm belief that each other will not be separated…

When I experienced a few failed loves, I started to think thoroughly, what should I do to make love last? I thought that with enough love and mutual respect, that love would last forever. However, I overlooked the importance of firmness. Long-term love not only requires us to have a firm love for each other, but also a heart that firmly believes that each other will not be separated.

I think it’s not easy to meet someone you like, and it’s even more difficult to meet someone who can hold hands until you grow old. Sometimes looking for something, it’s just going around in circles. I don’t just want to find the right person, I want to find the secret formula that can make love last forever. At first I thought that a stable relationship could not be separated from each other’s love, but when the love period is over, not everyone can get through the dull period safely; I often hear from friends that to run a relationship, you need more than love and respect. Well, understanding are equally important. But when the two sides quarreled from time to time, the relationship gradually faded away…

No matter how good the love was in the beginning, with the passage of time, there will be more and more conflicts between men and women, and there will always be times when you are tired. At this time, we need a firm heart, and when we hesitate to pull each other, we can keep going. Both men and women will encounter many multiple-choice questions on the road of love, but only each step forward depends on the firm heart, the heart that firmly believes that the two sides will not be separated, and ties each other’s hearts together. As long as the heart of each other is strong enough, we can work hard to maintain this relationship with sincerity.

Two people can go on lastingly and steadily, not only with love and respect, but also don’t forget the firm heart.

Thank God for bringing you to me from afar again, thank you for your sincere marriage proposal. 25, a number that means a lot to our relationship.

In the past eight months, you gave me 25 diamond rings and proposed to me 25 times on different days. Today, March 12, witnessed by our group of good friends, I finally agreed to your marriage proposal.

**Thank you for respecting my decision! Thank you for waiting for me! You and I have decided to officially register for marriage after I graduate from my Doctoral Degree. After completing all my dreams, I am willing to drop everything and go back to Melbourne to grow old with you.

Love you forever. KaKa

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