[Positive life, positive mind: KaKa shares career and life planning] No matter in thought, action, execution or in the workplace, women must make continuous progress and learn every day. A confident woman is the most attractive woman

Everyone is constantly striving for improvement so that they can improve themselves. Women must keep learning and making progress in order to enrich their lives and achieve a better life. Even if you are no longer young and beautiful, you can use your inner charm to make up for your outer aging after adding value. A woman with connotation, thought and self-confidence can exude her own unique charm no matter when and where.

In the face of day-to-day work and life, you and I may live a daily life. Every day when you open your eyes is work, and when you close your eyes, you are faced with work again. Gradually, we get used to the current life, we are not excited about the things around us, we are no longer curious about life and the world, and do not want to try new things. The whole person has become lifeless, and life has become boring. There are times when we find ourselves seeming to be regressing further and further, without the virtues of which we can be proud. When we are getting older and we find that there are many traces of years on our faces, when we don’t even have the only capital to be proud of, we find that we seem to have missed a wonderful life.

In today’s society, the world’s requirements for appearance are getting higher and higher, and it is superficial to judge people by appearance, but too many people have this idea. We don’t mean to cater to other people’s aesthetics, but we can at least learn how to take care of our own skin, including the usual steps of sun protection and skin care, to keep ourselves fresh and clean, so that we can leave a better impression on others; we should also learn to be alone and not get used to relying on others. When you are alone, you will calm down, listen to your inner voice, and talk to yourself. We all have to be clear about what we want and how we like to live. Only by “examining ourselves” can we learn and improve from life, especially when we are lost, it can help us regain the focus of life and start again. No matter what, we should also learn to appreciate ourselves. The society seems to be very harsh on women, and it will set many formulas and standards for us, such as being thin, beautiful, etc., so many women continue to work hard to change themselves, to meet the expectations of the public, and to become the perfect woman in the eyes of the world. But we have to understand that no one is perfect, accept the imperfect self, learn to love yourself, and be your true self. This self-confidence appearance is the most attractive.

**Women, please remember to strive for progress every day, and when you look back, you will not regret it.

By the way, I’m really overjoyed today… I actually received a formal letter of appointment from my boss before the vacation… I…I got a promotion and a salary increase.

It is not easy to get a promotion and a salary increase under the severe situation of the epidemic.

I will continue to work hard in the days to come!

In fact, the scope of my work has not changed too much, and the position has not changed much, just from “Head of Director of Corporate Finance” to “Executive Director, Head of Corporate Finance for Asia Pacific, Deputy Chief Representative of Shanghai Office”. That’s all. But there was an inexplicable feeling in my heart.

Goodbye to the 180-degree view of the Huangpu River and the Bund! Hello, 260-degree invincible Huangpu River Bund view!

But when I think about the end of my vacation, I will immediately change the office room when I return to the company. This matter gives me a lot of headaches. Changing the office room is equivalent to moving the apartment once. Everything needs to be rearranged. It’s a very big project!

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