[About L.O.V.E] I believe that as long as we are brave to love, we can finally embrace happiness

I have always been daring to love and hate emotionally, and I have never dragged my feet. If I feel that both men and women feel unsuitable halfway through, I will let go freely and let go of each other, so that everyone can continue to pursue happiness.

After experiencing a lot of love, I have learned a valuable lesson… Even if the road to love is not smooth, as long as we are brave to love, we can finally embrace love and embrace happiness.

Women are eager to meet the right person, to spend the rest of their lives together with their lover. However, not every woman is so lucky to find someone with whom they can spend the rest of their life early in the relationship. When many women encounter love, they are convinced that the other party will be someone who can spend the rest of their lives with them, and then it can be said that they are fully committed.

Women think that as long as they give their love, they can logically exchange for a perfect ending emotionally. Sometimes women think that the love for a man can touch every moment of a man, but this is just a woman’s own wishful thinking. Sometimes emotionally, a man’s fearlessness and lack of cherishing will make a woman suffer. In the end, the result is that women dare not believe in love anymore, and are afraid that they will be hurt by men again.

Maybe your love is not smooth, you always stumble emotionally, more or less you have been bruised in love, so you dare not fall in love again. No worries, you can give yourself time to heal, but don’t push away happiness easily. Because if you don’t try to fall in love, you will never be happy.

In love, it may take a long time to wait for the “right person at the right time”, but we have to believe that this person will come sooner or later. Women, please remember: you will meet a good man in the future, he will let you put aside your estrangement and prejudice against love, and he will tell you firmly… No matter how rough your experience is, he will protect you by your side, take care of you and love you.

When you meet the right person, don’t let go easily, you have to believe that you are a woman who deserves happiness, and you have to firmly believe that you are worthy of a man who treats you well and loves you.

To all female friends: Be brave to love, and one day you can embrace happiness too.

**To the love of my life, Happy Anniversary! KaKa

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