[Disgusting relatives] There are always relatives and friends around us who have not seen each other two or three times a year. They always like to make irresponsible remarks about our life: I absolutely believe that as long as we make our own life well, live a fulfilling and peaceful life. Living happily, doing these three things well is the best counterattack against those who slander us…

Everyone has their own way of life and attitude towards doing things. No one can fully experience the life of others, and no one can judge the good or bad of others. However, there are many nosy people in this world, who always love to point fingers and make irresponsible remarks about other people’s lives, and hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. There are too many people and facts in life that make us angry. If we take care of everything, it will only make us unhappy. My approach is: just let them make irresponsible remarks, as long as we have a good life ourselves, it is the best counterattack to these gossip relatives and friends.

“Why don’t you get married at this age!?”, “I’m all for your sake, I hope you can marry well like my daughter”, “Why do you work so hard for your career?”These ignorant words, in our daily life, we have heard more or less. In our life, we often encounter many people who love to criticize and ridicule us. Sometimes you can’t help but think: “Why do they love to pay attention to our life?” Meeting these people is like meeting an unreasonable monster who vows to destroy our lives…

No matter how good or bad our lives are, there will always be people around us who like to point fingers and evaluate our lives. Sometimes they prefer to blame us on the moral high ground, as if they were the winners in life. In fact, life is like this. You will never succeed in pleasing everyone. When you encounter unpleasant people and things, just get angry for a while, don’t waste your precious time on them. The worse we are, the more they can continue to find faults in us to satisfy themselves, and letting us live well is the best way to fight back against those who hurt us.

**Let me use myself as an example to tell you….

One of my relatives likes to make irresponsible remarks to my mother. He often tells my mother how well his daughter is married, and also that her daughter has a good job.

It’s true that his daughter really graduated from a prestigious university, but her work experience is really appalling. I didn’t mention it to anyone: the world is really very small, the first two bosses of this relative’s daughter are my good friends: I can often see his daughter’s footprints from their photos on social platforms… Well, I don’t think my relative’s daughter has a good career except after graduating from a prestigious university. It can only be said that her career is always in ups and downs…

I remember this relative mentioned to my mother and me many years ago: “Because his daughter came out of a prestigious university, she could have the opportunity to find a doctor as her boyfriend. He mentioned at the time that he hoped that I could “be like her daughter” and marry a good man as a husband in the future. Many years ago I remember when my mother heard this, she was secretly unhappy, but I remember when I said to my mother: “Everyone’s situation is different. We don’t need to envy others. As long as we are happy ourselves.”

Now that a few years have passed, I can’t say that my career is very successful. I often feel that a mountain is still higher. I have always adhered to the consistent style: “Everything starts from the heart, low-key life, high-profile work.” Other people’s business I never pay attention, just do what I think is right. In the end, my relative’s daughter did not marry a doctor as her husband. Now my fiancé is a doctor, and I haven’t advertised that my fiancé is a doctor. I also told my parents and family members to keep a low profile on this matter. Because I often feel that as long as I am happy, I don’t need to show off to others. If I can only show off who my husband is, I think it’s too sad.

💗My dear friends, please remember this: Living more beautifully than anyone is the greatest harm to those who are jealous of you and detractors of you.

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