[Positive life, positive mind: KaKa shares her insights on reading] Reading does not necessarily change our temperament, but it can certainly keep our soul fresh

Many friends around me often ask me questions. They ask me: “I am already busy enough at work, why do I still read in my spare time?” “What benefits can reading bring?” I could give a thousand answers to these questions, or elaborate on the benefits of reading.

For us who live in limited time and space, every time we read a book is like magic, allowing us to travel around different worlds and experience everything in different universes, how incredible it is.

I have read many different books, and many authors have said something similar: “The indirect experience that reading provides can extract wisdom that cannot be obtained from formal education; and through reading, we can develop self-understanding from the thoughts of others. At the same time, reading is also a way to cover a wider range of fields.”

By reading the successes and failures of others, we can learn how to overcome the trials, pains, adversities and setbacks of our own lives. We can also experience the pure emotion and exercise our will through reading books, and then change our lives.

If I didn’t have the redemption of reading books when I was most helpless, I should still be dying in a gloomy and dark world now. Reading has really inspired me a lot, allowing me to learn the principles that human beings should follow and the living habits that lead to success.

If there is no habit of reading, we can only sit at the bottom of the well and watch the world until the bottom of the well dries up. On the contrary, reading is like watering and irrigating our wells with water, so that everything becomes alive.

In the past, I was stubborn and never listened to the advice and suggestions around me. I believed that only my own thoughts were right, and I was unaware of my ignorance. Looking back now, it is fortunate that a chance coincidence that year allowed me to slowly escape from the narrow and dark world through reading.

After I discovered that there are so many divergent and intertwined thoughts and ideas in the world, through reading, I began to have more awakenings and epiphanies about life, and my spiritual world became richer than before.

After years of reading habits, I have less prejudice against many people and things in my life, but more tolerance. My perspective on things has become more rounded than before, and my view of the world has begun to change.

In real life, there are many people who live full of love, so I often hear friends say things like “I’m surrounded by a lot of good people”. I used to be pessimistic and with negative energy. After reading, my life has also changed, and many good people have begun to appear in my life. I can also develop relationships based on understanding the thoughts and actions of others, making life and the world a better place. To this day, I continue to learn this seemingly simple yet profound truth through reading.

Reading brings me an indescribable sense of peace and satisfaction, and whenever I think about reading, it makes me feel happy and filled with unparalleled happiness. Reading satisfies my thirst for knowledge, and makes my life begin to move in the right direction, with a sense of solidity that I have never had before.

There are times in our lives when we are full of anger or complaints and have nowhere to talk. What do you do? For me, as long as I find a quiet place to open a book and read, my cluttered thoughts and irritable feelings will calm down. So, I can also reflect on my own injustice and dissatisfaction. Even now, I have not found a more healing method than reading.

There is a trend of self-healing in the society recently, and reading can be said to be the main part of this trend. Through reading, we can activate the emotional circuit, trigger the resonance of the limbic system, and effectively exercise the cerebral cortex that dominates the cognitive domain, especially the perceptual emotional response controlled by the prefrontal cortex.

More reading can cultivate our self-confidence and strengthen the power of independent thinking. Once we can widen our confidence, our thinking will also expand. Reading is not to fill people’s heads with words, but to gain wisdom and expand knowledge through reading.

Diligent reading can improve our body and mind. Every question in life is philosophical and contains intriguing insights. Our world is always too small, but we can expand our world by reading books. Because in the world of our body and mind, there is no boundary, only broadness. I think it is the cheapest way to grow yourself through every reading.

**With less than two weeks to go, my long vacation in Sydney, Australia will come to a successful conclusion. I am sad to say goodbye to my loved ones and friends once again.

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