[Positive life, positive mind] Before we are kind to others, please be kind to ourselves first. In this world, the person we most need to be thankful for is ourselves.

In those busy days, countless nights lying in bed thinking about the past, we can only be sad in silence. We are used to expressing gratitude to others, but forget to say thank you to ourselves, the self who never gave up on life and progress, the self who insists on being sincere.

Even if we have more friends and family around us to support us, there will be times when we feel lonely. Everyone has reservations about the confession of others, and we simply cannot reveal our truest selves in front of another person completely, and the deepest secrets can only be shared with ourselves. We have to learn to reserve a void for ourselves that others can’t step into, to appreciate ourselves and to awaken greater courage in ourselves. When we are alone in the face of many things, we must listen carefully to our hearts and make the choices that are best for us. Sometimes our own thoughts are more important than asking others’ opinions.

Every time we fall and get injured in life, no matter how much comfort and support we get, we still need to move forward on our own. No one else can get hurt for us, nor can they take that step for us. Thank yourself for not being self-righteous, but giving yourself a hug and moving on. Only when we have enough energy in ourselves can we discover more potential motivation.

We share the same blue sky, we live in the same earth, we are in the same environment, and we share the same mission. On Earth Day 2022, may we cherish and protect the good environment around us together, and wish everyone a happy mood all the time. Have a great mood every day!

**Remember this: Embrace yourself to meet a better version of yourself.

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