1. MISS DIOR ROSE N’ROSES Eau de Toilette Roller-Pearl Roll-On Fragrance 20ml

💡DETAILS: Miss Dior Rose N’Roses is housed in a delicate, travel-friendly bottle: the Roller-Pearl. Discreet and elegant, this glass bottle is topped with a crystalline rollerball for free and easy roll-on fragrance application. For touch-ups, to complement the fragrance or for perfuming on the go, Miss Dior Rose N’Roses Roller-Pearl is as precious as a gem. Miss Dior Rose N’Roses is a sparkling floral fragrance, a profusion of Grasse Roses refreshed by a zest of Bergamot and heightened by the intensity of a White Musk note. Vibrant Essence of Geranium refines the composition with its lemony aromas to faithfully recreate the irresistible scent of an endless field of Grasse Roses. A lively pink eau de toilette for a sparkling fresh fragrance.

🔴MY REVIEW: This light fragrance comes in a compact, easy-to-carry roll-on design. The understated and elegant glass bottle is embellished with crystal clear roller balls for a casual, simple and lightweight way of applying fragrance. I absolutely love this rose-based floral fragrance, a rich rose with a refreshing scent of bergamot and a deep white musk scent. Vibrant geranium extract, with its lemony aroma, refines the composition and recreates the irresistible aroma of the endless sea of Grasse roses. A luminous, lively pink-hued light fragrance that immerses me in a shimmering, fresh scent.


✳️INFO: A travel-friendly bottle for an infinitely sensual perfuming gesture

💡DETAILS: A jewel-like bottle that is as precious as it is elegant, the J’adore eau de parfum infinissime roller-pearl offers perfuming on the go. The glass bead tip of the J’adore roller-pearl bottle delivers soft and voluptuous application of the eau de parfum infinissime. The velvety soft pearl rolls over the hollow of the neck, the wrist and the décolleté, releasing its sensual and enveloping notes: Centifolia Rose, Jasmine Sambac, Ylang-Ylang, Grasse Tuberose and creamy Sandalwood. As the J’adore roller-pearl sensually glides on the skin, the flowers of J’adore eau de parfum infinissime are released and unfurl, infinitely exalting their scent.

🔴MY REVIEW: I especially like this tuberose-based roll-on fragrance, which instantly creates an incredibly strong and confident femininity. The fragrance is very warm, suitable for smearing all year round, especially suitable for autumn and winter. The roll-on is very convenient to use and has a good durability. The scent is unique and intoxicating.


✳️INFO: 24h Wear Foundation: Hydrating, Luminous Matte and Glow Finishes

💡DETAILS: For the Dioriviera limited edition, the bayadere motif that enhances the case of the Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion foundation is the Dioriviera pattern, originally found on the flagship pieces of the House of Dior wardrobe. Available in 2 finishes, luminous matte and intense glow, this cushion format foundation forms the ultimate couture accessory in Dior makeup. Day-to-day, this foundation combines a flawless complexion and 24h* wear, while bringing freshness and long-lasting hydration to the skin. The complexion is evened out and smoothed, and its quality is improved. Skin texture appears refined. Infused with wild pansy flower extract, Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion foundation protects the skin with its high protection: SPF 35 for the luminous matte finish and SPF 50 for the intense glow finish. Dermatologically tested, it is non-comedogenic. This cushion foundation’s Dioriviera limited-edition case is refillable.

🔴MY REVIEW: This air-cushion powder has a velvety glow after makeup, natural soft-focus on skin imperfections, good makeup effect, and almost no need to touch up makeup all day long. It retains the advantages of the liquid foundation itself, such as lightness, repeatability and excellent makeup retention. The matte makeup effect will gradually turn into a creamy skin with the oil, and the face will not easily come off after the oil is released. Very recommended!


✳️INFO: Clean Radiant Foundation: 24h Wear and Hydration

💡DETAILS: Dior Forever is the iconic no-transfer foundation by Dior that offers a high-perfection complexion with 24h wear.* Thanks to its formula composed of an 86%* floral skincare base, this fluid foundation provides the skin long-lasting comfort and lets it breathe, while lastingly improving skin quality. Tested in conditions of heat, sweat and humidity, the Dior Forever foundation offers a natural matte makeup finish with no shine, from morning to night. It evens out the complexion, visibly tightens pores and smooths the skin. This new-generation foundation is clean,** formulated according to a strict list of ingredients. Enriched with extract of iris, wild pansy, rose and nasturtium, it reveals more beautiful skin day after day. Non-comedogenic. Tested on sensitive skin. Helps protect against UVA, UVB and blue light exposure. *24h wear: instrumental test on 20 women. Floral skincare: minimum percentage of the foundation base that preserves hydration, before color agents are added. **Clean: strict in the selection of ingredients.

🔴MY REVIEW: This liquid foundation lasts 24 hours on the face. The foundation can be easily pushed away on the face, and there is no problem of powder sticking at all. Especially the coverage is quite outstanding. It’s not greasy at all after application, the face feels very refreshed, and the foundation sticks very well. After applying the foundation to the skin, the skin looks hydrated and radiant.

5. ROUGE DIOR Couture Color Refillable Lipstick 3.5g 314 GRAND BAL MATTE FINISH

✳️INFO: 4 Finishes: Satin, Matte, Metallic and Velvet; Floral Lip Care; Comfort and Long Wear

💡DETAILS: Rouge Dior is the Dior lipstick with couture colors. True floral lip care, it is enriched with red peony and pomegranate flower extracts of natural origin. Rouge Dior dresses the lips in bold colors with satin, matte, metallic or velvet finishes. Long-wear lipstick that ensures 16 hours of comfort* on the lips. More modern and luxurious than ever, the new Rouge Dior lipstick is adorned with a new signature band featuring the CD initials, as an echo to the fitted waists of the House’s catwalk look. Rouge Dior lipstick is part of the House of Dior’s sustainability strategy and is now refillable.

🔴MY REVIEW: It is said that the 314 color lipstick is popular all over Asia. In Hong Kong, the color of this lipstick is translated as Thai milk tea. The soft mist texture makes the color of the lipstick mature, elegant and mysterious, and it is full of sexy temperament at the same time. The most special feature of this lipstick is that it can show different tones and textures when applied to different people’s lips. If the natural lip color is more rosy, it can wipe out the original lip color like a newborn baby. It has an orange tint to make the skin look brighter, and you can use this lipstick at work or after get off work to have a different feeling.

6. DIOR ADDICT Hydrating Shine Lipstick 3.2g 100 NUDE LOOK

✳️INFO: 90% Natural-Origin Ingredients; Refillable

💡DETAILS: Dior Addict is the Dior shine lipstick designed like a fashion accessory, with a formula now composed of 90% natural-origin ingredients, housed in an ultra-couture and refillable case. Intense color and shine with a vinyl effect, 24h hydration and 6h wear, a formula infused with jasmine floral wax with hydrating properties: Dior Addict lipstick enhances the lips in bright and luminous shades with sensational shine. Among the palette of shades, Dior 8 stands out: a universal and addictive brick red inspired by the House of Dior’s trendy and lucky number. In its black vinyl lacquered case embossed with the Dior Oblique logo – an echo to the House’s fashion creations – and topped with a silver pearl, the Dior Addict shine lipstick combines simplicity with elegance. Refillable, it slips into this timeless sleeve or one of the couture cases inspired by the Dior runway show designs each season: like a real wardrobe, the refillable lipstick case is available in Indigo Denim, Pink Cannage and Metallic Silver versions. As part of the eco-design initiative led by Dior, the new shine lipstick icon is refillable to reduce its environmental impact. The black version uses some 34% less fossil fuels, 36% less greenhouse gases, and 47% less water to produce.

🔴MY REVIEW: I like this lipstick very much. The ingredients, color and tube design of the lipstick have been upgraded. It mainly focuses on pure moisturizing ingredients and extreme luster. At the same time, it has a high moisturizing and high color rendering effect. This lipstick is called Almond Toasted Milk, and it reinterprets the classic taupe created by Mr. Dior with a subtle blend of grey and beige. I personally feel that this lipstick has a warm and nude pink color, with the tenderness of nude lips, but it retains a rosy feeling. It is also one of my favorite lip colors.


💡DETAILS: Composed by their Perfumer-Creator, the scented candle Encens Mystique has an intense and mysterious scent, unfurling suggestive woody notes that evoke a magical, hallowed atmosphere.

🔴MY REVIEW: According to the official website, this candle evokes woody memories and creates a magical and sacred atmosphere. I personally feel that the scent of this candle puts me in a magical wonderland. If you like woody fragrance, this candle is really not to be missed. I would recommend that you light this candle with a candle warmer for a long-lasting mysterious aroma in the room.

📌Disclaimer: The above review is purely personal opinion. Not everyone likes what I like. Please note that what may work for me, may not work for anyone else. Results may vary from person to person, so please take this into consideration if you decide to try those products.




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