[Positive life, positive mind: KaKa shares her personal insights on sincere friendship] “For sincere friendship, we put quality over quantity” You or I are surrounded by a lot of fake friends, cherish those sincere friends….

Friends play an important role in everyone’s life. When choosing a good friend to make friends with, you must not force yourself to be friends with someone you don’t like. Life is not easy, don’t make it difficult for yourself, and make friends with whomever you feel comfortable and happy with.

In our life, we will always meet people in different forms, but not everyone is worthy of our friendship with them. Some friends make you feel at ease with him, and some friends make our lives and moods a mess. There are always some friends around you or me who are emotionally blackmailing. When we are with them, we can only waste time, making us constantly consume ourselves and suffer grievances; maybe there are always some friends around you who are too glassy, and when we get along with them… We have to be careful in every word we say, for fear that we have done something wrong to make them angry. As long as you have met the friends I mentioned above, making friends with them will not only not make your life more exciting, but will add different troubles to your life.

People have encountered too many bad things in their life, don’t grieve yourself about making friends. When choosing which friends to make friends with, we must be friends with like-minded people, who can understand and tolerate each other, and are willing to accompany each other through the ups and downs of life. Friends will always support each other and become people who cannot be ignored in each other’s lives. When we are with these friends, we don’t have to pretend to be what the other person likes, we just need to be our truest selves, because we know that no matter what we look like, these friends never dislike us. Because of these friends, our lives are no longer boring. It is also because of these friends that we have the strength to move forward.

The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t want to spend any more effort to please anyone. If making friends is too tiring to get along with, stay away. The most important thing is to be with friends with whom you are comfortable.

I used to be very keen on making friends. The more friends I have around me, the more satisfied I will be. No matter what I do, I have many friends around me and I never feel alone. However, as I grew older, I found that many of my former “friends” didn’t know where they went, and the ones who stayed by my side were my closest friends. The older I get, the more I understand the truth that “for true friendship, we put quality over quantity”, rather than making many friends, it is more important to cherish those few best friends in my life.

In the past, I was particularly afraid of being alone. As long as I could meet new friends, I would definitely go there. I will never be absent from my friends’ dinners or parties. When I was young, I was not afraid of being without anyone. I could find all kinds of friends in different circles of friends at any time. But many years later, I found that those friends who had been “always” around me seemed to have suddenly evaporated and disappeared without a trace. When I think about it seriously, these so-called friends did not suddenly leave me, but I have long since lost contact with these friends, and it has been so long that I never remembered that I had known these friends.

Now, I find that there seem to be fewer and fewer friends around me, but I never feel lost. Instead, I feel a sense of relaxation, because I know clearly that the friends who stay are the people I know and trust the most. We will meet all kinds of friends in our life, but how many of them are real? Maybe most of them are “friends of interest”. To put it bluntly, those who can eat, drink and have fun together, but cannot share their sorrows with you. The older I get, the more I want to understand the truth “For true friendship, we put quality over quantity.” Instead of having a bunch of fake friends, it is better to have only a few close friends, because only they will be willing to help me when I am in trouble. The pursuit in the past made me ignore the important people around me, and now I know how to cherish them.

After years of baptism, I think it is easy to find a friend who can eat, drink, and have fun with me, but it is not easy at all to have someone who is willing to listen to me. In this society, every adult is busy dealing with the small and large trivial things in life, and everyone is too busy to take care of themselves. But if you meet a friend who is willing to unconditionally and patiently listen to you and talk to you, he must be the friend you should cherish. If he doesn’t really want to make friends with you, and he doesn’t care about you and values you, how can he spend time on you?

You can check your phone contacts, Instagram and Facebook friends list, how many are your true friends? These friends can chat with you anytime, anywhere, share with him when you are happy, complain to him when you are sad, and tell him some innocuous jokes when you are bored. When you encounter difficulties, he will do everything to help you; when you are sick, he is willing to take care of you; as long as he is there, you don’t have to pretend to be yourself and bear the unhappiness and pressure of life alone. Because you know that he will always be by your side, silently accompanying you, going through all the ups and downs.

Life is difficult, everyone is working hard, which adult is not tired? Work accounts for more than half of our lives, and sometimes we have to face all kinds of troubles and pressures in life, which make everyone almost breathless. The private time we have is running out, how can we spend our time and mind on those ordinary friends? It’s good enough to maintain the most basic of manners and courtesy. If you meet a friend who is willing to take the time to listen to your troubles and share your joys and sorrows, don’t hesitate, you must treat and cherish this sincere friendship.

**We live in this world, the circle of friends does not need to be too large, it is enough to accommodate yourself and a few good friends. If you can find a friend who cares about you in this world, it is simple happiness.

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