[My Birthday 10/2022] What if life finally reaches the midfield? Accept your age calmly and strive to live your best life

The Korean drama “Thirty Nine,” starring Son Ye-Jin, is a hit on Netflix. The series mainly revolves around the friendship, love and life stories of three middle-aged women, which once again aroused many people’s discussions about women’s coming middle age. When a woman enters middle age, many people begin to feel uneasy and anxious, worrying that they will no longer be beautiful as they age. But in fact, women of every age have their own unique charm. Accept your age and changes calmly, and then continue to enrich yourself and make yourself better.

Looking at the age that is increasing year by year and the gradually aging face, many women start to get nervous. After the anxiety is over, I don’t know how to distinguish… These women may gradually lose their original self-confidence, thinking that they will become “old women” and that life is no longer valuable. From childhood to adulthood, it seems that there are always some elders around us who silently instill in us the concept of “old age is a sin”. Therefore, most women have long been planned by society for their lives, and at what age women get married and have children are properly arranged.

Everyone gets old, and that’s nothing to be afraid of. The beauty of a woman never lies in age, but in our own state of mind. As we get older, we also mature, in fact, we have the ability to make our lives better and better. As women, we must constantly increase our self-value and bloom the best version of ourselves.

In fact, in middle age, we can live as brave and free as young girls. As long as we strive to live the most beautiful life, the eyes of others are not worth mentioning to us.

I hope that every woman who reads this article of mine can calmly accept her age, arrange her own life, and live happily every day, blooming the most beautiful life.

**October 5th every year is my birthday. On my birthday this year, I feel very blessed to have my best friends, the man who loves me the most in my life, and my dearest family to celebrate my birthday with me.

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