My little recap of 2022, and my hopes for 2023

At the end of each year, many people start to review the big and small things they have experienced in the past year, whether their work has achieved their expected goals, people or things they have encountered outside work, and so on.

At the same time, I also started to make a wish list, looking forward to achieving more and more next year.

In 2022, the epidemic is still raging, and for me, going through three full years of the epidemic crisis is particularly touching. Let me learn to cherish everything I have now and grasp the moment.

I think as the epidemic situation eases, starting next year will be a better and brighter future. Both for most of the world and for me.

In 2023, I hope that I can do more “out of my comfort zone”. Here, I would like to briefly review what I have accomplished in the past year, and make new hopes for next year, hoping to continue to grow, continue to unlock more achievements in life, and have a more fulfilling year.

The world of 2022, especially because of the sudden epidemic, seems to be full of haze. However, I feel that this year, my work in the bank is full of many new opportunities. I keep trying some new challenges and clear the clouds in my comfort zone. Make a lot of new attempts.

I think a great breakthrough and attempt this year is getting to know many experts in the financial field, especially at a financial summit in a certain city in China.

In the future, I hope that I can continue to know more top players in the financial field in my work scope, and discover more new things that I don’t know from them.

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