Entering the end of November in 2022, are you like me…. Think back to whether you have set any goals for yourself in 2022, and have these goals been achieved?

Taking myself as an example, I set five goals for myself at the beginning of 2022:

1. Go for a run every morning regardless of the weather (Except for business trips)

2. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly every day

3. Buy a new car for commuting in Shanghai (My company provided me with a car with sunroof for commuting to work, but I hope to upgrade to a convertible car) **This is also unexpected to me, can use the employee discount to trade in a brand new Porsche convertible car for a very reasonable price finally.

4. The homework or exams of the doctoral class this year averaged over 90 points (The overall full score of homework and exams is 100 points, 60 points pass)

5. The work is overfulfilled, and the work assessment twice a year must reach the A++ level (The overall full score of the work assessment is A+++)

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t set any goals last year. May wish to try to think about the things that suddenly flashed in the past year that you want to do?

When you think back, you may find things that you thought were important in the past. It could be about relationships, career or self-growth. The things that are important at each stage of life are not necessarily the same. The important thing is to know what you want and what you value, which is the first step in reviewing.

Next, see if any of your accomplishments align with your goals. Or there are some things that you think are very important and should be done but have not been done well. Some accidents have caused you to start a different life direction. It was not in the goal set last year, but it has become the most commendable achievement you think you have done.

It goes without saying that life is interesting. The set goals may not always be achieved, two of the five goals are completed, the other two are on the way to completion, and the remaining one may be replaced by a new idea.

This is how we are pushed, constantly changing and growing. Because there are goals set, you always know where you are going, so you don’t panic.

Through such a review, you will find that you are sometimes braver than you think. Keep that feeling in mind and trust that there will be more great decisions to be made in the coming year.

**Digression: Four of the five goals I set for early 2022 have already been achieved. What failed was the second item: Three meals a day must be eaten regularly every day. Because of the busy schedule and the upside-down work day and night, I really can’t eat breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly every day. Hopefully in 2023 I will be able to do that.

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