**If you follow my IGstory, you will know that I received two boxes of Pixi products, including skin care and makeup products. In particular, I would like to review on the following five products.

1. Botanical Collagen Tonic 250ml

💡DETAILS: Volumizing tonic formulated with Acacia Collagen and Peptides to help promote a youthful-looking complexion. This tonic helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin texture.

🔴MY REVIEW: I was so excited to use this toner because I had heard it was great but wasn’t prepared for how much I would love it. First of all, it doesn’t have any smell, which is absolutely heavenly for sensitive skin, and the facial pores feel smaller after application. Second, it totally plumps my skin and makes it incredibly soft. I am definitely a lifelong fan of this brand.

2. Botanical Collagen EyeSerum 25ml

💡DETAILS: This lightweight eye serum is formulated to rejuvenate and revitalise the delicate eye area while helping preserve youthful-looking skin.

🔴MY REVIEW: I love this product, it’s very deeply hydrating and works really fast, I actually have dark circles under my eyes, I’ve tried many products but it didn’t give any good results. When I started using this product I noticed a huge change in my dark circles after about a week and the skin under my eyes is so light and soft. I highly recommend this wonderful product.

3. Botanical Collagen LipGloss 15ml

💡DETAILS: Enriched with Botanical Collagen and Peptides, this nourishing lip balm hydrates and softens while helping to create smoother, fuller looking lips.

🔴MY REVIEW: Like how it starts working right away. The sting doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t smudge. I’m sure I’ll notice an improvement in lip fullness over time and this is one of my current favorite lip care products.

4. Nuance Quartette Blush Quad 11.5g

💡DETAILS: Natural tone-on-tone nuances of colour to use on cheeks & eyes. (Shade: Sugar Blossom)

🔴MY REVIEW: I love this brand and this palette. The shade complements almost all my shades and lipstick looks. It’s one of the few brands that doesn’t irritate my skin (which is super sensitive). Definitely recommend it, especially the product at a very reasonable price.

5. Flawless Beauty Primer 30ml

💡DETAILS: This primer is the perfect solution; the formula is loaded with skin-loving ingredients. Formula contains powerful anti-aging and skin fortifying benefits. Suitable for all skin types.

🔴MY REVIEW: This is a great product for covering up enlarged pores. I use this until I apply my foundation. If you are looking for a product that can help cover up enlarged pores, I would definitely recommend you give this one a try.

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📌Disclaimer: The above review is purely personal opinion. Not everyone likes what I like. Please note that what may work for me, may not work for anyone else. Results may vary from person to person, so please take this into consideration if you decide to try those products.

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